Move DNS from TopHost to DreamHost

Lately I have some domains registered on, then managing them directly on my Dreamhost account.

I chose tophost because  (aside from the hosting service that is worth what it costs) allows you to modify your DNS very simply and has some decent update times.

The steps you take to make sure that the DNS are then managed by Dreamhost are few and simple:

  • In the Dreamhost panel, create a new domain (using what you want to move), take note of the DNS domain associated with the shell (if you use linux) obtained the IP address associated with the latter using:  $ Yourdomain.XXX
  • Go now in the admin panel Tophost and click “DNS Service”, you will be redirected to the DNS management panel .
  • At this point started www deleted the item corresponding to a parameter and replace it with a CNAME entry: Name = www, type = A, IP = value obtained from the dig made ​​previously. If you want to register a domain without the www in front of you use the @ character in the name field.
  • Now delete ALL the other entry, now you should get a screen like this:

    Tophost Admin Panel Example

  • Wait for the DNS propagation (About 24 or 48 hours)
  • Create subdomains on Dreamhost and check its operation.

This is all for now, coming next i will explain how to enable the use of the mail servers.